New delivery service combines fresh food, health education for truckers

LAS VEGAS. Bob Perry believes his new box can play a big role in improving the health of the nation’s truck drivers.

The box is from the just launched CDLMeals, which offers a pre-packaged, healthy meal delivery service. Beyond the balanced meals made from scratch, the box acts as a “driver healthy handbook,” providing nutrition and fitness information tailored for the tough lifestyle of truck drivers.

Photo: Neil Abt/Fleet Owner

A look at the driver orientation lunch box with basic fitness tips from CDLMeals.

Perry told Fleet Owner nearly three years of planning and development went into getting CDLMeals started. It is part of Fresh n’ Lean, a company already delivering 30,000 meals to homes and business across the United States every week. The new offerings from CDLMeals were shown publicly for the first time in the exhibit hall at the Truckload Carriers Association’s annual conference.

Laureen Asseo, who founded Fresh n’ Lean at 18, reached out to Perry after she spoke with truck drivers who were already customers of her pre-packaged meals. At the same time, Perry, who founded Rolling Strong in 2007, was observing thousands of truck drivers being served fast food or pizza by fleets during the orientation process with their new fleets.

Photo: CDLMeals

This illustration shows the difference between a meal option from CDLMeals and McDonalds.

Now, for about the same price, CDLMeals can offer these fleets a healthier lunch to serve to their new workers. The box containing the food includes not just nutritional information, but also how many calories that meal contains in comparison with fast food options.

The included handbook has information on portion sizes and the importance of “personal preventative maintenance.” It also guides beginners through a multi-week exercise program they can do on their own while out on the road.

While the initial focus for CDLMeals at TCA was attracting the interest of fleet executives, Perry said drivers can receive a variety of weekly home delivery options, which can be easily stored in a truck. There is also an option to add a portable oven, allowing truckers to heat meals while driving.

The meals stay fresh for 7-10 days after delivery in the refrigerator, or up to 8 weeks in a freezer. They are made from scratch, with fresh and organic ingredients.

Perry said he expects to continue to expand the menu over time, as well as incorporate more exercise tips inside the box.

This article was originally posted by American Trucker.