Trucking Moves America Forward Celebrates $1.1 Mln. in 2017 Donations

An industrywide effort to promote a positive image for trucking raised $1.1 million in donations in 2017, the group’s leadership said at a March 14 news conference.

Kevin Burch, president of Jet Express Inc. and co-chairman of Trucking Moves America Forward, said the nonprofit group also installed 184 wraps on truck trailers — moving billboards promoting the industry to millions of highway motorists.

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Detailing truck driver trends and issues

As the truck driver shortage grows, aging workforce and cost of finding parking becoming bigger problems.  The demand for truck drivers in only going to increase over the next decade, according to presentations here at the Omnitracs Outlook 2018 user conference, but the relative high age of the current driver workforce couple with the financial impact of issues such as the lack of truck parking will make finding and keeping drivers that much tougher.

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