You Deserve To Be Paid – Stop Fraudulent Loads

Be your own private investigator and stop fraudulent loads before they even start. 

Grab your magnifying glass, here are some things we watch for at Assist Financial Services.

  • Dispatcher’s email address may have a small typographical error when the company name is in the email address.
    • EX: (normal email), but your rate sheet says: – Notice the “super” is spelled wrong.
  • BOL may have another broker’s name listed as the carrier (usually the legitimate broker on the load)
  • Rate sheets will just look odd…like things were cut and pasted to make look real.
  • The Fraudulent broker will demand over and over that you must send the delivered bol asap.

If you think you have detected a fraudulent load your saving grace will only take 5 minutes of your time.

  • Call the broker and verify this load does in fact belong to them, but DO NOT call the phone # listed on the rate confirmation. Here’s another advantage to being a Client of Assist Financial:

* use our ClientWeb and login at  to verify the broker’s correct phone # and give them a call to see that your load # is in fact the broker’s load.

* If they say no that load does not belong to them, DO NOT pick the load up.

* You have taken the first step in stopping the fraud before it could begin.

*If you have already picked the load up, DO NOT send the signed bol to the dispatcher, please give Assist Financial a call at 877-287-3835 and we can work with you to find the legitimate broker and hopefully get you paid for the job you did.

**Every scam is different and these fraudsters are always coming up with new ways to trick you. **