Assist is Here for YOU When others are Sleeping

Our ClientWeb is the X Factor!  With up to the minute data our ClientWeb is your virtual office!

Have you met your HOS and trying to kill some time?  Our website will allow you to keep up with your funded invoices even while on the road.  You can instantly:

  • See the images that were sent to the broker
  • Get a list of the brokers with open invoices on your account
  • See all brokers you have worked with in the past
  • Check credit 24 hours a day
  • Once an invoice is paid, you can view the payment
  • See the activity on your account daily
  • Run reports

It’s time to be an active team member with AFS in monitoring your account.  Everything is at your finger tips. If you have any additional questions please contact your Account Representative or anyone else at our office at 877-287-3835.

ATA’s Costello: Outlook bright for trucking

But average length-of-haul continues to drop for motor carriers large and small.

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