Minimizer seat offers comfort for female truckers

Minimizer announced its Long Haul Series Seat is designed with a truck driver’s health and safety in mind – regardless of the driver’s gender.
“Minimizer seats are not only comfortable for men, we need to remember there are women drivers, too,” Minimizer CEO Craig Kruckeberg said.  “Unfortunately, due to their body type, certain things don’t always fit them correctly, like their seat.  It’s one of the reasons we came out with the Minimizer Seat.  It will fit anyone perfectly.”

Minimizer said it met with numerous truck drivers, medical professionals and ergonomic specialists when designing the Long Haul Series Seat.  It comes with 14 standard features, all of which are used when adjusting the seat to fit any body type, the company noted.

“Consider a six-four, 280-lb. male truck driver in the same seat as a five-six, 120-lb. female truck driver,” said Joseph Sweere of Northwestern Health and Sciences University.  “This is why adjustability is so important.  It’s a critical component, and it’s one of the reasons I have so much admiration for the Minimizer Long Haul Series Seat.”

A recent survey found tractor dissatisfaction topped the list for female drivers.

“There are nearly 250,000 female truckers on the road today, and they need equipment that’s going to keep them safe and comfortable,” Kruckeberg said.  “I’m happy to say the Minimizer Long Haul Series Seat fits the bill.”

This article was originally published by American Trucker.