Embark’s semi-autonomous trucks are hauling Frigidaire appliances

The autonomous trucking company is making fridge deliveries from Texas. Last year, Otto made a 120-mile beer run. Now Frigidaire and Ryder have partnered with autonomous trucking company Embark to deliver smart fridges from Texas to California. You know, so you have a place to store the brews. Embark thinks that freeways are the ideal test grounds for its autonomous efforts because there aren’t any traffic lights, pedestrians or oncoming traffic to deal with. Which makes sense. All a truck needs to do, basically, is stay in its lane, maintain speed and keep a safe distance from other cars.
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Freight factoring tips for small fleets

It helps boost cash flow, but carriers need to do their homework before fully jumping into a freight factoring arrangement.

Celebrating Veteran’s Day In The Trucking Industry

Truckers aren’t always born into driving families or a local trucking culture, they come from many different background and walks of life. In fact, if one were to ask the majority of individuals with a trucking job today how they came upon their current position it’s not unlikely that many of the responses from drivers would be somewhat surprising. Continue reading “Celebrating Veteran’s Day In The Trucking Industry”