Updated Procedures at AFS – COVID-19

The Coronavirus outbreak is forcing a few changes at AFS.  Beginning immediately, all of our staff will be self-quarantined and operate remotely.  You should not experience any interruptions in our service to you, but please be aware that some procedures may take a little more time than they have in the past.

 Because of the virus outbreak and other economic factors, all parties in the transportation industry, including carriers and the brokers you engage for loads, will struggle financially from time to time.  Consequently, AFS must scrutinize debtors thoroughly when granting credit and thoroughly inspect documentation even more than we typically have in the past. 

Please note:

  • Credit approval will be significantly more restrictive.  We monitor your debtor’s pay trends regularly and any changes in payment activity will lead to less credit granted and fewer loads approved.  This is for your financial wellbeing as well as that of AFS.
  • Invoices will not be funded unless we have clean images, complete and accurate Bills of Lading, and appropriate, complete rate sheets.
  • AFS will not advance funds on loads unless collectability is deemed to be good.
  • Your funding will not be interrupted as long as you obtain proper credit approval in advance and submit clean and complete supporting documentation with your accurate invoices.

 If you should have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact your Account Executive or anyone here at AFS.

 Please be patient with AFS during this difficult transition period.  We have always and will continue to operate in your best interest so that you will still have your funding as timely as necessary to keep you on the road!